About Us

myinfer free business listing

Myinfer.com is a well established 3 year old business directory in Kerala. Myinfer acts as a local search engine for the people around Kerala and help those finding solutions for their various needs. Entrepreneurs and various business owners can register their business or service in our platform. By doing so, customers searching for services nearby will get directed to them and hence gets new customer leads. Business listings are free, but we would recommend paid listings as it provide better results. Premium listings are also available, who are given most priority in the result lists. We ensure the genuineness of the data provided in the website as far as the customer’s concerns are considered.


Our Mission

To provide fast and reliable information to our users and to connect business ventures to service seekers with a pleasant hand shake. 


Myinfer Information

The myinfer's operations began in 2016 with offering local search services which is now the leading local search engine in  Kerala, India.

The website www.myinfer.com was launched officially  in 2017 January 17th 


Benefits of Myinfer

Myinfer for Buyers:- Connecting with sellers anywhere anytime, review you sellers, Altenate solutions for you needs

Myinfer fo Sellers:- Unlimited Business visiblity, Manage leads, Make you business as a brand


Facts of Myinfer

As of March 30, 2020, Myinfer has a database of approximately 10000 listings.

It has 50000 quarterly unique users across internet.

It has ranked less than 250000 wold wide and 25000 in India




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