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  • What is Myinfer?

    Myinfer.com is Kerala's local search engine or business directory with the fastest growing database of business with phone number & Reviews. 

  • Why u choose Myinfer.com?

    You data are secue with us

    Easy to Use
    Simple and very easy to use and is straightforward and simple to use. straightforward and simple to use. An easy-to-use guide containing excellent tips.

    Creative Solutions
    Creative is relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something or change unleashes people's creative energy.

    Total Digital Marketing solutions
    You can find all solutions under a single umbrella. We will guide in all digital maketing of your service

  • Does Myinfer Offers Total Marketing solutions

    You can find all solutions under a single umbrella. Upcoming marketing methods are changing and we are updated day by day so we will ensure the latest technology also. less money you spend and get more yield.

  • Why should i register my business or service with myinfer.com?

    Myinfer is a digital local search engine with lots of unqiue vistors daily. when your business or service is registered with us, you are geting a search engine optimized page which a digital presence for you. Our individuals pages are optimized in major search engines like google, bing etc. when a buyer searches there need we will promt your page in this search engines 

  • Can i use myinfer.com without registering?

    Buyers can use without registering and need to register for make a comment or review a service provider, All sellers need to register and need to verify the account for posting a business

  • How many business can i register with one account?

    You can list up multiple business or service but the contents should be different and geniune 

  • Can i register without a email id?

    No. You must need a valid email id to registe with us. if you have not one, we can help you for making a new email id.

  • Is myinfer free?

    Myinfer.com is partially free. all buyers will enjoy benefits 100% free. sellers will have a basic listing with free of cost and they will have paid listing and ads which is having more features.

  • How i post my business or service in myinfer.com?

    Click here and give your basic details and that is only a single page form which is a simple process 

  • How will i advertise with myinfer.com ?

    Click here for more information regarding adverstisement in myinfer.com